Should Affiliate Marketers Be Tarred and Feathered?

Big Bird and the Road Runner

It may surprise you, but I have never actually been tarred or feathered. Nor indeed do I suffer from any longing to have my body covered in sticky tar and then sprinkled with a liberal dusting of feathers so that I look like a cross between Big Bird and the Road Runner.

Tarred and Feathered, Just Like in Biblical Times

One of my (ex) affiliate marketing customers disagrees. He complained to me in an email that he was going to report me to the powers that be and start a petition (or a partition as he put it) in all 50 states, demanding that I be fined and tarred and feathered, just like in biblical times.

My Bank Wouldn’t Pay for Your Product

And my crime? Apparently I was responsible for his bank refusing payment and his credit card being declined again and again. Go figure. Look, this guy is clearly two sandwiches short of a picnic but it does shine a light on a very important lesson. Even the semi-sane among us can be quick to blame others when things aren’t going our way.

Don’t Bang Your Head Against the Wall

I hold my hands up. I used to be like this when I first started affiliate marketing. Nothing was working and at first I was scratching my head. Then I started tapping my head. And finally I started banging my head against the wall. Eventually I found a way to make good money and daily commissions. And from then on, I was able to graduate to big school where I’m now making several hundred dollars a day hands-free.

Other People Are Not to Blame

So, don’t be hard on yourself and don’t blame others if you’re not making the money you feel you deserve. Instead, take action. Get your hands on as much quality information as you can about making affiliate commissions hands-free, and then take action today to put it into practice. The internet is awash with information, hell you probably have enough content hidden on your hard drive already to get to work. Just make sure that the information you use comes from marketers who are banking big commissions consistently and have a tried and tested system in place. Remember though that once you become independently wealthy, some people will be green with envy. Still, it beats being covered in tar and feathers!


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